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      Hi everyone! I assume you’re here like me, discovering Maangchi’s mouth-watering recipes.

      How often do you cook and what kind of food do you make? How much international food do you cook/eat?


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      well let me tell you :) i use at least 80% of my free time in the kitchen because i like food and especialy asian food like korean and japanese food! the kind of food i make cant really be specified at the moment because theres alot of ingredients we dont have in denmark thats used in ex. korean food so my food is like a fusion of vegetables and meat with some really nice marinade and sticky rice and alot of other small side dishes i put together so i hoped it would be close to a korean meal but thats just my imagination :) but i like to use alot of vegetables and i like them cruncy and i like my food “HOT” but no hot peper flakes yet :) for your question i can only say i dont make that much international food because in denmark we “lag” in ingredients and vegetables that makes it fun to cook. but’ i might have found a place to find what i need but its a bit of a ride and its costly so im hoping to find an online store that ships to denmark.. if you know one btw pleace inform me : )

      ps. i might sound abit wierd tonight but i had abit of sake ;)

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      I cook everyday for my hubby, cause he’s really picky and would just eat my food or his moms. If I dont cook he doesnt eat, or he would just eat cereal lol. It also depends on what he and I feel like. But I have recipes from around the world. so here’s the list

      Japan (my brothers a sushi chef learned from him)

      Thai/cambodian/viet (Im chinese/viet/cambodian its similar food)

      Korean (thanks to maangchi and korean drama lol)


      Italian (mmmm pasta)

      Some salvadorian/mexican meal, my hubby’s mom thought me

      french canadian food

      and a bunch of other recipe i improvised and turned out good lol.

      I love cooking I want to be a Chef!

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      I cook a lot more now that my boyfriend is living with me. I used to be lazy and eat out a lot, or whatever, but now I’m placing more emphasis on home cooking. I cook every day, because my boyfriend? Is not a good cook. Mostly I cook Korean food, to be honest. I’m starting to get afraid that my boyfriend won’t like Korean food anymore, that he’ll get tired of it!

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      I cook all of the time. I live with my boyfriend and he doesn’t do a lot of cooking and I don’t really like instant foods (Mac and cheese, pizza, ugh!). But, cooking and experimenting is one of my hobbies. So…I cook probably…2-3 times daily?

      I cook a lot of Korean type foods (I’m half! : D) Some of it I learned from my mom, family friends, much of it I learned from Maangchi and Sue (over at Some of it I also learned from my boyfriends co-workers. He worked at a Korean restaurant (only white guy!).

      I also cook a lot of recipes that feature southern Cali/Mexican border ingredients (Born and raised in San Diego). So a huge assortment of chillis, beans, rice, cilantro, lime any combo of them I love! My mom LOVED Italian and Thai food so I try and make “vaguely” authentic Italian and Thai food. But, not a speck of Italian or Thai in my family (just French/Irish/Korean)so authentic really goes out the window as far as I know.

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      I cook every blessed day. Can you tell I’m tired of cooking? LOL

      Mostly it’s Korean food. My mom’s Korean, and I love the cuisine. Plus, it’s very economical since the bulk of each meal is rice, which I buy in 20-50 lb. bags. There are a few Filipino dishes I make (with the help of pre-packaged seasoning blends) on a regular basis: adobo and sinigang. Other than that, I’ll make traditional Southern cuisine like greens, bbq ribs, and that sort of thing.

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      I cook for my family usually 4-7 times a week depends on how busy I am. I love making international food. Asian food seems to be a reoccuring theme. We have rice with most meals. I make filipino food the most because it is the easiest. I really love korean food and have been making it more recently. I generally try to make a different style of food every time I cook to keep things interesting.

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      Wow, there are a lot of half-Koreans here – as a hapa myself that’s cool to see. My mom is a bad/disinterested cook, so I suffered as a child (browned scrambled eggs, mushy spaghetti…) and I never learned to cook since we had maids and I was chased out of the kitchen most of the time. So I’ve learned everything on my own. I cook all kinds of food. I’m a wiz at Italian recipes. Lately since I discovered Maangchi I’m cooking more Korean and Asian dishes. I’ve also discovered Manjula’a Kitchen, which is vegetarian Indian. The recipes are simple and delicious.

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