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      Okay I made regular Ddukbokkie before and I swear it was so spicy that when I was just now watching Maangchis video of Ddukbokkie making my mouth was hurting just by the thought of eating it.

      I read the link Maagchi just tweeted

      And the author states that she ate Ddukbokkie as a child a lot.

      I just cant see any child eating Ddukbokkie that was as spicy as mine!

      Maybe I used too much hot pepper paste or Maanchis spoon is smaller than it looks.

      But how spicy is Ddukbokkie supposed to be?

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      well… season to taste… if its too hot, just use less gochujang or put more broth in it.

      thats the thing with korean food. no real measurements, only experience.

      and yeah, it’s a staple (not only) for kids. there is nothing better than ddukbokkie after a long boring day of school.

      and when you are older, try ddukbokkie with chicken or pork and beer. still good.

      and of course, there is nothing better after a long night of drinking before you have to go to work again.

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      I have had Ddukbokkie that was extreamly hot to ho hum. A few things that affect the spice.

      Not all red pepper paste is equal. I know of one brand that is extreamly hot. Red pepper is the first item on the ingrediant list.

      Sugar helps to cut the heat it is not unusual for spicy Ddukbokkie to be loaded with it.

      How watered down the sauce is.

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