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    I’m getting into Korean BBQ and I want to learn how to cut beef short ribs traditional Korean style. My butcher can cut it L.A. style, across the bone, bue I want it traditional/king style (aka, wang galbi), with the meat filleted out from the bone into a very thin strip. See for details. I doubt my butcher would do this, because he probably wouldn’t know how, and even if he did, I doubt he’d be willing to spend the time doing it. Besides, the local butchers are not consistent in terms of how thinly they slice the meat, and I want it extremely thin. I know I could probably buy wang galbi at a Korean market, but I want to use grass-fed beef, and grass-fed beef is not available at my local Korean market (in Oakland, California). Any suggestions as to how I can learn how to cut this meat myself? I looked on Youtube, Amazon, and Google, but I couldn’t find anything. Thanks in advance for your help!

    Bonus question: Does the meat cook/taste better king-style, in your opinion, compared to L.A. style?



    I prefer the meat with the butterfly cut. When they make LA style they use a band saw to cut across the bones and you have to wash off the bone fragments. That said I bought some really nice looking LA cut ones yesterday.

    Until a good video gets posted read this, it should help.



    Powerplantop… I can’t seem to reply to the other post with your question about Korean restaurants in West Palm Beach. I’m going to answer here and hope you get it! :) I haven’t been to any of these, so I can’t vouch for them personally, but here they are:

    There’s this one in Lake Worth:

    New Seoul Korean Restaurant (it may be called Kawaii Korean and Japanese food now) (reviews are positive)

    (561) 582-5800

    809 Lake Ave

    Lake Worth, FL 33460

    and this one (which is also Korean and Japanese)

    KYO Sushi Restaurant

    1209 South Military Trail, West Palm Beach

    (561) 967-9992

    there are a few in the Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood area that I heard are pretty good. If you’re interested, please let me know.

    Good luck with your project! Cheryl :)



    Thanks for the info. I may be going down for a review of the project Monday so this is good info!



    This should help you with how to cut them.



    haha, I was going to embed the video but you uploaded this. Thank you!



    I saw the ribs at the store and remembered this request.



    Hi, I would like to know what’s the difference between wang galbi and galbi sal? I saw this cut of meat at the Korean grocery store and have been looking up galbi sal online with no luck. Can someone help me here? Thanks!!



    Check out my galbi-gui recipe here.

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