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      Hello, I’ve tried Maangchi’s kimchi receipe and its fantastic! i love how good it tastes and have now mastered the Baechu, Kkakdugi and Oi-Sobagi Kimchi. May i know how i can make it more spicy please? I’ve tried adding the amount of pepper flakes but that only thickens my paste, but its not spicy still. Any advise please?

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      There are spicier kinds of gochugaru available – but you might just add some ground hot peppers to the mix instead. Habaneros come to mind.

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      I just drop some finely chopped ghost peppers to mine. Or habaneros. It does affect the flavor, but I like the fruity burn flavor they lend. I suppose a super hot cayenne would be more flavor neutral.

      Korean pepper isnt all that hot normally, though there are some special extra hot varieties you could track down.

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