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    Hello. I want to know what setting I’m supposed to use to make the rice. I’ve set it in the Glutinious setting with the heat and soak on level one. I had put the right amount of water and rice and the rice came out really sticky. Then I used it in the sushi setting and it didn’t come out stick but I was told with the kind of rice I use I’m supposed to do it on the glutinous setting and not the sushi setting. So i tired to do it again in the glutinous setting with less water but the rice is a little dried and didn’t seem all the way cooked. can someone tell me if i’m supposed to raise the level for soak and heat?

    This is the rice cooker I use and this is the rice I use



    I just make rice in a regular pot because I don’t have money to buy a rice cooker, but… Did you wash the rice before cooking it? Washing removes the excess starch, without washing the rice will be like sticky goop. Soaking time should be 30 minutes or longer, but I personally prefer to not soak it for longer than an hour. I wouldn’t recommend rising the heat too much unless you specifically want burned rice.

    Sushi rice is supposed to have less moisture than regular rice, because it has to soak up the vinegar seasoning. Maybe you should try making rice again with the regular (glutinous) setting, but wash the rice carefully before soaking.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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