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    Help! An extensive internet search will uncover numerous translations for “It’s too spicy” or “I don’t like spicy food” in Korean but phrases like “I like spicy food” or “make it spicy, please” cannot be found anywhere.

    So, if I am at a Korean restaurant and wanted to communicate I do indeed like spicy food, how would I say it? If I’m at a new restaurant, because I am not Korean, I feel I am sometimes served food that is a bit mild.




    In Korean, if you want to ask for something to be made spicy, you can say “maepgae haeju saeyo” (맵게 해주세요), which means “please make it spicy”. If you want to say you want it really hot, you can add the word “aju” (아주) in the front, meaning “very”, i.e. “aju maepgae haeju saeyo”



    Mikura, you are awesome! Your answer is very correct. I really appreciate your help!



    Thank you, Mikura!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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