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      Hi! I’m a Maangchi fan from the US!

      Sadly, I live in a really unfortunate area. There are absolutely no Asian grocery stores. All the fast food places are limited to big chains like Subway or McDonald’s. The Asian food section in Walmart is limited to a small section of an aisle that is the size of your average Walmart Supercenter cheese section.

      And in that Asian food section, you can’t find much, either. Instant noodles, pocky, a bag of Japanese candy…of course there are a couple of useful things like sesame oil and short grain rice, but they come in packaging so big that it’s too impractical for people who don’t need them often.

      So while I can’t make a majority of the recipes on this site or in that fabulous new cookbook, there’s that once or twice a year trip to the Asian grocery store in another town about 30 minutes to 1 hour away (my mom makes kimchi, so all I have to say is “take us to the Asian grocery so we can have kimchi!” and she’ll make my dad take a detour)…

      I did make the green onion pancakes, though. That was SO good. My whole family liked it, and they were looking at it prior to trying it as if it was some sort of alien substance they shouldn’t be eating.

      In short, hello! I have no idea why I joined the site so late in the game!

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