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      Hello Maangchi! My name is Maurice, I am a lexicographer and I am living in West LA. When I taught English in Koreatown, my Korean students would bring all this delicious food to “pot luck” parties. I never had such a mix of flavors and textures before. and the many nearby Korean markets would have food sampling, especially around New Years–with so many different exotic things to taste and enjoy. I discovered tasty side dishes like fern brake, perilla leaves, platycodon, spicy shredded squid, pickled white radish, glazed lotus root, cucumber kimchi, stir-fried anchovies, and never thought I would one day be making any of it.
      Well, for a party with a Korean style barbecue Saturday, I am making it all. All of my favorites–but I will say “me and Maangchi made it”, because without your website, and your recipes, and your delightful videos, I wouldn’t be making any of it.
      You are also helping my Korean–not that my Korean will ever be good. I read Japanese, and working in Koreatown, I wanted to read the Korean I saw all around me. Watching your videos, and hearing your pronunciation of the words has given me a lot more confidence in speaking Korean as well.
      I am so glad YouTube recommended you to me–now I am recommending you to my friends.
      And Hello to all of Maangchi’s followers and readers around the world. We share the same tastes.
      Peace and love,

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      Maangchi really is special. She is like a friend. And she teaches Korean cooking so well. I am a fan too!

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