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      Surely those who love Japanese cuisine know the famous Mochi. The fragrant crust of sweet sticky rice with familiar, sweet sticky rice blended with cool strawberry flavored ice cream. To get the secret to making deliciously delicious ice cream mochi, follow the recipe below right away.

      Strawberry ice cream 1 box
      Glutinous rice flour 100 gr
      White sugar 50 gr
      170 ml of water
      Potato flour 30 gr


      Step 1:
      Use a spoon to scoop the cream, scooping each strawberry flavored ice cream into a plate. Put the ice cream in the freezer compartment for 8 hours or overnight to allow it to harden. You can change the ice cream flavor depending on your preferences.
      In order for Mochi to be successful with ice cream from the first time, you should let the ice cream freeze completely, when making the cream cake, it will not melt into the dough.

      Step 2:
      Pour into a bowl of 100gr sticky rice flour, 50gr white sugar and 170ml water. Use a whisk to stir the ingredients together. Then steam the bowl in water for about 30 minutes until the dough is white and opaque, using a flat spatula to make a smooth mixture of fine flour.
      For the most delicious Japanese ice cream Mochi, you should find the right Japanese glutinous rice flour, if not, Thai or Vietnamese sticky rice is okay. Depending on the desiccant of different powders to adjust the appropriate amount of water, so that the flour mixture is not too thick and not too thin.

      Step 3:
      Sift the potato flour onto the surface. Then steamed sticky rice flour, continue sifting potato flour to cover the dough surface. Using thin hands, glutinous rice flour, cut dough into square pieces. Place the cream in the middle of the dough, grasping the edges of the dough tightly with your hands, making a nice round cake.
      Potato powder helps to keep sticky rice from sticking to hands, can be replaced with cornstarch. When manipulating it quickly, because the warmth from the hand will make the cream melt, the cake will not be beautiful.

      Step 4:
      You can make your own without using an oven and other baking tools using Cooky’s ice cream Mochi. These lovely, lovely Mochi can be used as gifts or weekend tea parties are very suitable. Let’s go to the kitchen right away and don’t forget to share your achievements.
      To make the most delicious ice cream mochi, you should leave the cake after making it in the freezer for 30 minutes before enjoying. If you want to make a lot of cake, you should store the cake in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator, before taking it out for 30 minutes to prevent the crust from freezing.

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      One day I was searching the ice cream mochi recipe on the internet and saw your recipe. That was so superb, everything you suggested and I have started making delicious ice cream mochi by following your recipe. Thank you so much for sharing this!

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      John f

      Thats really delecious i have jsut make it and tasting,Its taste very delecious

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      Wow what a great recipe – really enjoying exploring everyone’s pictures. I’m getting some great ideas to add to my list.

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