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    Hello there, just call me khim :) that’s everyone call me .. but my real name is ___________________, very long name and I don’t like the sounds of my name.. hihihi :p. so never mind .. nwei, I’m almost 3months here now in korea.. my first two months was very difficult.. not yet good in speaking hangul mal, on august 13, my first hangul class in women center here in bupyeong-gu. I love to cook food, sometimes I just cooked but not eating, not because it’s not delicious. Nothing, I just want to cook that’s it! (crazy me :D) At my first 2 months I always cook philippine food, It’s okay with my nampyeon because he eat any food except a dog food he said that to me that he don’t like to eat that, coz’ he had a very cute puppy, he likes it very much and he said that leo is our baby..lol :D he don’t like dog food! Later on, I think that I need to prepare korean food for him. He always gave what I want no questions. And, I think I need to return back all the good things he did to me. I always say that I am a very Lucky girl, I am so blessed to be his wife. And I don’t think if he think the same..lol

    I am happily married :D I want to learn more korean recipes for him :’)

    thanks for inspiring us to cook :]) God Bless!!!

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