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      Hi everyone! I hope you’re all staying happy and healthy. I have a problem… I’m growing WAY more mint than I can use! I need some recipes on how to use some of this fresh mint. I have a peppermint plant and a spearmint plant in pots. I’m considering making white kimchi with a small amount of mint, since white kimchi tastes clean and refreshing, but I’m not sure if the mint would taste good with fish sauce, onions, etc. I gotta admit, I’m getting a little sick of mint tea lol. Lamb isn’t an option either, unfortunately. Any feedback would be incredibly helpful!

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      I can’t tell if there is a typicall Korean response to your “mint problem” but with recipes from other countries as Vietnam, Laos for exemple, you should find delicious ways to use it in Spring rolls, nem Thadeua, etc
      A sprig of mint in cold water will delicately parfume it.
      Make a Tzatziki, with mint it’s delicious.
      Puff pastry stuffed with a mixture of feta cheese and mint is awesome.
      Make Orient style meatballs.
      You can also make your own mint sirup.
      And last but not least, you can make the mojito cocktail !
      A good mojito calls from 10 to 20 leaves for just one glass. A real mint-plant killer :)

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