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    Hi everybody my given name is Carolyn, aka Peachez916, I have an appreciation for Korean food and have tried many of the recipes here; Galbi jjim; Uhmook Bikkum; Jeon Bokjuk; Kimchi chigae, Jjajangmyun; Kang namool muchim; naenymyeon; gamjatang; hobajuk and most recent baechu doenjang guk. I’ve even made Kimchi and Kkatugi. It took me at least 1 whole day, but I did it, and I’m proud of myself to say the least. The videos are great to use as guides; they help a whole lot. I took some to work to share with a few coworkers, everyone seemed to enjoy it. I even had the opportunity to show one of the physicians how to prepare it. Now she’s making it at least once a month. As you see I’m from New Orleans, LA. African American & Creole by heredity. I became interested in the Korean culture quite by accident. Simply by watching Korean dramas, which I am definitely addicted to. So much better than the stuff that on the T.V. these days. I have come to appreciate the family values that the Koreans have. Respect and honor still exist among them especially towards the elders of the family. I am learning to speak Korean via the internet (i.e. as well as learing to read and write in Hangul. I am working very hard this year with a goal in mind to visit Seoul, South Korean by or before the end of the year of 2011. I plan on staying there at least 1 month to soak it all in. Can’t wait…but until then I’m still studying and becoming familiar with all aspects of Korean culture and social structure. I am also looking forward to posting and asking questions about some of the recipes.

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    Hi Carolyn, welcome to Maangchi’s site! It’s so cool that you became interested in Korean culture so much. Those darn dramas, that’s what it is! I won’t allow my husband to watch them anymore because we can’t do anything. Every day we have to be home at a certain time to watch the current drama! I am half Korean and came here to learn how to cook Korean food, since my mom is a non-cook. (A nice way of saying she sucks at cooking!)

    Hope you hang out here some!




    Hi Carolyn from the magical New Orleans (at least it seems that way from books/television minus Katrina)!

    Love that you’re introducing your colleagues to your kimchi ways.

    Watching the dramas will get you near fluent. Know some people who learned another language doing the same.

    Hope to one day pass through New Orleans on a work assignment.

    Later alligator!


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