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      Hi~ Just had a small question.

      It’s kinda stupid ><..

      If i wanted to make kimchi, i went to a korean mart and the shop keeper is a korean too.

      I asked her which ingredient is needed to make kimchi and she passed me the hot pepper powder.

      Will it be the same as hot pepper flakes?

      I bought the powder and came back to this site and realised that it’s hot pepper flakes that’s used.

      Hopefully it’d be the same ~ >< cause the powder is quite costly …

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      I’ve heard people use the term interchangeably, but powder is powder and flakes are flakes and they are very different in how they can affect a dish. Both are indispensable, so you need to have powder and flakes in your pantry at all times. To me, the powder is much hotter than the flakes and turns things a nice chili colored red. The flakes aren’t as hot and don’t color the food as much.

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      I use them both when making kimchi. I prefer powder because it is hotter so I use it more, but I like to add the flakes for texture and color.

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      The flakes give a better result, in my opinion. The powder will make it very spicy, but perhaps you like that, and then it’s completely fine.

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      Han Su Rii

      i always use chili powder. i couldnt find any hot pepper flakes/hot pepper powder. erm…i guess hot pepper powder is the same as chili powder i use. but i agree tht flakes are flakes…its not the same thg as powder. powder has a very fine texture.

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      In fact, I think that if the lady understood that it was for kimchi, you shouldn’t worry for a second. Just taste how spicy it is, and adjust to your taste.

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      dont use cayenne pepper.

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