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    Good morning! I have to tell you that I am a white girl married to a Korean man for the past 9 years. He if from a traditional Korean family and LOVES Korean food. Until now I have never attempted making any Korean dishes! But then I found your website and I thought, why not give it a try? I personally love Jap Chae but my husband has told me several times to not even attempt making it because you have to get it just right….the noodles, the seasoning, everything. Even yesterday as I was preparing to make it he said “are you really going to attempt this?” Well, I have to give you a BIG thank you because it turned out AWESOME! He loved it and I invited friends over to share in my victory. I called my sister-in-laws and sent them text pictures to show how great it turned out! THANKS!!!!! I followed your directions exactly-no changes and it was perfect!!! Thanks again!!



    ” He loved it and I invited friends over to share in my victory.” ! yay! Congratulation on your successful japchae making! You can upload your japchae photo here to share with my other readers.



    Hi Mrs. Pakman,

    I’m just the reverse of you in that I’m the Korean married to a Caucasian man, just over 7 years.

    My husband said he would try anything I make with Maangchi’s recipes because after he ate 만두 during the past week, he loved the 잡채 too (we ate that so fast there was no time for photos of the food).

    Glad you proved your husband wrong and that he loved your dish.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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