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    I know this is a Koren foods web site but I just wanted to give a prayer to the poor people of Japan. I’m half and have family in Japan “they are ok”. My dad was the one who made me yummy Koren foods. I hope they stay strong and make it though these hard times. I don’t know what I would do if that happened to me. I wish there was something that I could do to help. I plan to give money to the Red Cross but it still feels like its not enough. Any ways thanks for reading my post!



    Hi Nicole,

    Sorry to hear of your family in Japan enduring this crisis. My job offers a company match on donations so that’s what’s going toward Red Cross. We had a mandatory tsunami warning evacuation on Friday for 10+ hours due to the 9.0 earthquake in Japan— grabbed our paperwork-only belongings and our animals, not knowing if we were going to have a home to return to—stressful and scary feeling (Japan only had 30 seconds warning) before the earthquake hit. We offer our prayers to your family, to Japan and a quick recovery to its country. :)



    I feel very sorry for Japan too , the people & the country.

    May GOD protect & help them all during these hard times.

    & i hope your family Nicole & all the people there & in countries around Japan are safe & can go over this situation soon .

    May GOD protect them

    In Arabic we say الله يحميهم



    I also feel very sorry to all the people in Japan. I think it shows, that we can not control everything in our world, I mean, Japan is such a big and rich country, but now…

    I want to say it in German:

    Möge Gott das japanische Volk beschützen und es vor allem vor einer drohenden Nuklearkatastrophe bewaren.



    I hope that they have a swift and speedy recovery. The videos, images, and news reports coming out of Japan are really difficult to watch.



    My heart goes out to all the people in Japan. I hope all their troubles will be over soon and they recover quickly.



    Everyday when i switch on my tv, what i see is sadness of Japan. I feel like tearing heart into pieces. Go Japan!! I hope it will be safe in this shortly time. Go!! Go!! Go Japan!! Gambatte!!

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