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    I have to post about my parents restaurant in my hometown of Oklahoma City. When my mother immigrated to this country in 1970, she was very young with very little English and a small daughter (with another on the way!). She learned English, she learned to drive, she learned to cook American food and she learned to find ways to make Korean food for herself and her family with very little resources (not a lot of Korean people or Korean food stores in OKC in the early 70s). She worked hard and managed to raise all 5 of her daughters who went on to become great successes themselves. At the age of 63, she decided to open a restaurant and share her life and her food with the rest of the world. And what can I say? Real Korean food from a real Korean grandmother in the heartland. It’s what I grew up eating and what my children will call real Korean food.



    I hope I can meet your mom someday! She is a model Korean immigrant, devoted to her life and family. I’m sure her authentic Korean food will attract many people. Leave the address of your mom’s restaurant with a photo if you have it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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