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    I just joined! I’ve used a few of the recipes here, and they are so easy. Love your videos Maangchi! Now I can see how it’s supposed to be done. I can’t wait to try more.

    I lived in Korea for about a year, maybe longer. There are some dishes that I really liked, and some that I crave even though it’s been years since living there. I move a lot, but thankfully can usually find a Korean market. :)

    I had some unexpected guests for Thanksgiving. The wife is Korean, and I was able to make some Korean food for her. She loved the Sujunggwa I made that I learned here. We had a great time cooking in the kitchen, and I showed her your website. They’ll be back for Christmas, and I think I’ll make Japchae and the ginger cookies- Maejakgwa, and of course some more Sujunggwa!

    And now, even though I can’t say the names of the dishes right, I can make it.

    Thank you!

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