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      I love kal guk su. Had some fantastic kal guk su in korea and it was made with clams (probably had other things in it). Would appreciate the recipe please.


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      I have been trying to figure out how to make this recipe for almost 9 years! I would absolutely love this recipe! :)

      I grew up with my family until I was 6 and was adopted at 7. About 9 yrs ago I found my long lost brothers almost exactly 20 yrs later! I went to Korea while I was pregnant with my first born son and my husband for a big family reunion

      That’s when I had my first taste of Kalguksu and loved it! It brought alot of memories back! :) Please post the recipe! :)

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      For the broth check this recipe out and see what you think.


      For the noodles this works good, make a double batch.


      For noodles you could also use Maangchi’s Sujebi recipe.


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      My mom usually makes kalgooksoo with oxtail broth (rather than anchovy broth or some other beef broth) that has been defatted and strained. But sometimes she uses a combo of both oxtail and anchovy broth (about a 1:1 ratio). The oxtail broth is extremely rich and should have a jello-like consistency when refrigerated.

      She then adds the noodles and seafood, lets it simmer for a few minutes, then adds the beaten eggs and green onion to garnish. We season it at the table with yangnyum soy sauce (soy sauce seasoned with garlic, green onion, hot green pepper, red pepper flakes, and sesame oil) and crushed nori. One of my favorite dishes of all time.

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      I just published my dak kalguksu video. Check it out, please. Clam kalguksu recipe will be posted someday. https://www.maangchi.com/recipe/dak-kalguksu

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