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    Ai Leen

    Hi Everyone,

    I forgot to let my rice porridge for making kimchi cool down before adding it to the garlic, ginger, chili mixture. Will the kimchi still ferment? It seems to be not turning sour after leaving it out at room temperature for the day.

    Can I do anything to correct now?




    Mind you, I’m not an expert, but perhaps I can help a bit.

    Was it really like very hot? Then I’m not sure. But if it was like lukewarm or so, I don’t think it’s a very large problem (I’ve made kimchi with lukewarm porridge and it seems fine). In my experience, kimchi starts to ferment after like perhaps 3 days or so. When it starts fermenting, put it in the fridge (unless you like really sour kimchi).



    I’ve also had that problem when making my kimchi last weekend.

    I’d actually not thought about letting the rice porridge cooling down, but it wasn’t too hot, by the end I had turned off the heat so it was just lukewarm as @sirdanilot said.

    But I did let the paste cool down a little bit before applying it to my cabbage. I let it at room temperature for a day and then put it in the fridge. And it turned out pretty good :)

    I’ll try letting the rice porridge really cool down next time to see if there’s a difference.



    When I made my kimchi, it took about three days for it to taste sour, but I also found that the kimchi fermented relatively fast once refrigerated after about two days. I think that the heat of the porridge might actually stimulate fermentation (bacteria tend to thrive in warm environments)but it could affect the flavour of the ingredients if they were cooked at all. Hope it works out!


    Ai Leen

    Yes it is lukewarm. I left it at room temperature for almost 1 day for it to ferment.

    This is not the only mistake I made. I didnt soak the cabbage in salt brine long enough to get rid of the water content. Some parts of the cabbage is still ‘fresh’. Hehhe

    Will try to leave it out for at least 6 hours for a 2 kg head of cabbage.

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