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      This is the recipe i use for kimchi made especially for hotdogs and brats. I use Dole pre-cut slaw mix just for simplicity

      1 14oz bag of Dole Classic Coleslaw mix
      1 Tbs Korean pepper flakes
      2 large garlic cloves
      1/3 of a medium onion
      1 tsp canning salt
      1-2 tsp fish sauce
      Enough water to puree the onion and garlic

      Weep the slaw mix in the canning salt for 2 hours. Tossing every 30min. No need to rinse this one since we are using very little salt. Just let it drain a few minutes if it tastes too salty for you.

      Puree the peeled garlic cloves, onion, fish sauce with a little water.

      Mix the puree with your coleslaw mix in a bowl and pack it tightly in a jar. Let it ferment until it smells sour.

      There will be some liquid left in the bowl. Use just enough to cover your kimchi.

      I normally make mine in 3 bag batches because i love kimchi hotdogs. 3 bags also fills my hocking jar to the top. Lately ive been experimenting with lacto culture starters. Ive found you can jump start the fermentation to as little as one day.

      The 3 bag batch i made yesterday at noon already smells quite sour.

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      This looks so good…

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      Fabulous taste and texture ! I have made kimchi hotdogs many times and every time it was so Delicious. It was the hit of our brunch.

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