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      Sometimes when I make kimchi it has a metallic taste. What am I doing wrong??? Other than the metallic taste the other flavors are right.

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      What kind of salt did you use?

      Was an aluminum bowl or utensil used for preparation?

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      I used kosher salt. I used a metal knife to cut the cabbage and I also used a metal bowl to soak the cabbage. Do you think that is why???

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      Hi Vcoleman1983,

      I think the metal bowl is the culprit indeed. Use glass, stoneware, earthenware or food safe plastic.

      Bye, Sanne.

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      I use a big stainless steel bowl for kimchi and a lot of other foods I ferment. I store the finished product in glass jars or food-safe plastic containers. I have been told and I have read that it is a no-no to use any kind of metal bowl because when bacteria comes in contact with metal it can be killed off. I thought about that … such a small area of the cabbage comes in contact with the metal. Me and my stainless steel bowl have never had a problem with fermentation.

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