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    I am trying to make kimchi, and I bought some “dried chili powder “crush”” from the brand Chang.

    Are these the right ingredient for making kimchi? The picture of the hot pepper powder in the recipe looks more red then mine (although at the shop there was one that claimed to be hot pepper powder and looked brown @[email protected])

    I live in London and went to Bayswater’s Oriental City but unfortunately the selection wasn’t very good… anyone live in London know a good oriental supermarket? (apart from going to Chinatown?)




    found a picture online which looks like this chang hot pepper powder:

    is this it? there is a lot of seeds which Maangchi’s hot pepper flakes don’t seem to have T_T




    I can tell you from experience that the Chinese hot pepper will work, but it definitely is not as good as the Korean hot pepper. I suspect that they are two different species of pepper.

    The Korean pepper powder is a much brighter red than the Chinese variety, and the flavor is different. It’s a bit hard to describe, but to me the Korean pepper tastes richer.

    Have you tried ordering Korean red pepper powder online from any of the websites listed on this site? I use one of them to buy gochujang, and they also have the red pepper powder.

    Hope this helps…



    it has to look like this :(

    it doesnt include the pepper seeds like the western kinds..



    Bluecrab and Koralex90,

    Thanks so much for replying so quickly – I guess I’ll have to cycle to Chinatown next time to find them!



    I saw some Korean red pepper flakes, i was going to buy them, but i didn’t. I was wonder how spicy is it, I saw korean women use red pepper flakes, while making Kimchi putting in a good amount. But scared of the hotnnes.

    just wondering if i buy it would i be able to use it.

    I love spicy food, but maybe it may be spicer than i can handle.



    Hi Kitumara,

    If you like spicy food, you should be alright.

    I’d suggest that you make a batch of kimchi and use a smaller amount of rep pepper than the recipe calls for. For example, if the recipe calls for, say, 6-8 tbsp of red pepper for one head of napa cabbage, you could make it with 3-4 tbsp to see how you like it.

    In addition to adding pure heat, the Korean red pepper has a very rich flavor that is absent from other types of pepper powder.

    I love very spicy food, and I’d say that the Korean red pepper powder is somewhere in the middle of the heat range. I’ve had jalapeno peppers that are hotter. If you like spiciness, you should be OK by starting off gradually.

    Good luck!

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