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      Hi guys! I made kimchi for the first time and kept it out to ferment at room temperature for 36 hours and the jar I had put it in I had left some space so it doesn’t overflow and it was fermenting beautifully. The jar was almost full and the water above was bubbling and after 36 hours I kept it in the fridge. After around 12 hours I checked and the water had significantly gone down most of it on the bottom. Is this okay? I’m really confused whether it’s still fermenting since it’s not as watery as before and no bubbles visible either. Someone who has experience please reply and help me out I made a pretty big batch and don’t want any of it to go to waste since it tastes amazing!

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      Don’t worry, everything sounds good.
      The refrigeration slows down the fermentation, it’s normal that you don’t see bubbles anymore. The juice goes down, that’s normal too, as the fermentation slows down, there is less gas produced so your kimchi is calming down.
      « It tastes amazing » Well done, now let your kimchi ferment slowly in the fridge and it’s gonna be even better. Just take care of it, above all, be sure that the top is always moist (don’t panic if there is not enough juice to submerge the vegetables).
      Be gentle with it, don’t open the lid just to look at it (except if you don’t eat kimchi for a long time), when you pick up some from the jar press down the kimchi with a spoon to bring some juice on the top (every tool touching the kimchi MUST be clean and dry)
      Congratulations for your first kimchi :)

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