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    hiya Everybody! I am just a curious person who likes to try different food preparations from other cultures and the Korean food… I like it a lot. I have tried to make my second batch of kimchi; first batch was good but vey salty and spicy, so, de second batch I did use les salt and soya sauce (well with anchovies) and pepper flakes (self-made); everything looked good, also after fermentation (5 days) at room temperature. And after 6 weeks in the basement, I decided to open it (glass jar); the smell was very strong , it was not tasty; to less salt and to less spices, the Napa cabbage with the remain vegetable looked and tasted very soft (not so crunchy as the first batch) so to refresh it, I added some more Napa cabbage, more soya sauce and more pepper flakes and again let it further fermented for 3 days at room temperature; and then in the refrigerator, after 2 days I did taste it…it taste reared and it smells not so fresh to me…I think maybe to throw it away. But before I throw it away I wish to get some advice. Thank you in advance. Kimchi lover

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