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      Hello Maangchi or anyone that may be able to help me!

      This is my 4th time making kimchi. The previous 3 times I’ve made kimchi I used a regular Tupperware container and my kimchi was fine. Recently, however, I decided to invest in a container specifically for kimchi fermenting, I believe it’s called Jen E.? Regardless, it’s simple to use and I made my kimchi like I usually do before storing it. it has been about a month and a half and I finally decided to try it out. My issue however is that the kimchi smells off. I went through each roll and smelled it, and I noticed only the top layer smells off whereas the kimchi at bottom of the container smells fine. I ALso tasted it, and again, the top layer and specifically the bit of kimchi exposed up, tasted a bit rancid. I compared it to the bottom layer which tasted normal. I tried to remove all the rancid smelling bits at the top and then made sure the rest of the kimchi was submerged before putting it back.

      Will my kimchi be okay? Is there anything else that I can do? Is it still safe to eat? I made 10 pounds of kimchi, so I’d be truly embarrassed if all 10 pounds have to get discarded!! :(

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      Forgive me, I forgot to add a few things.

      1.) i made Napa cabbage kimchi.

      2.) shortly after making the kimchi I tasted it and realized i had added too much salt. I learned that typically that just means I need to ferment longer so I left it mostly untouched in the fridge for that month and a half.

      3.) the smell of the top kimchi is almost similar to when red meat goes a bit bad?? A little rancid, that kind of smell. Could that possibly Be from the fish sauce and fermented shrimp? I left the white onion out on accident as well so perhaps that could be another factor?

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      The top of the kimchi must be oxidized. Just remove the brown part or any white fungus.You still can eat it as long as the kimchi underneath is red. Koreans eat kimchi everyday, so we always have to open the lid of the kimchi. After taking some kimchi, we always press down the top of the kimchi with a spoon to let the top part be submerged in the kimchi brine and prevent it from being exposed to air. Open your kimchi lid regularly and press down on the top even though you don’t eat it often. You need to take care of your kimchi!

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