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    Here at Guatemala we don´t have a lot of korean stores, I can´t find the chilli flakes that are used in the kimchi recipe. All I can find is Dried Chilli, it has seeds and flakes, can I use that? Because I did´nt see seeds in the video. Please help, my korean restaurant shut down And I really miss eating kimchi!



    Just use any dry chilli pepper. Just make sure it does not have ANY other spices in it; it should be just pure chilli powder, and nothing more.

    The chilli should be spicy, but not extremely so. The powder shouldn’t have seeds in it, but it should be a bit coarse.

    I think you could remove seeds from those dry chillies, and grind them in your food processor to get a coarse powder. Experiment !

    I still think that the result with korean chilli powder is a little bit better, but not that much so.

    Reminds me, I have a lot of asian chives in my garden, and I need to turn them into kimchi I think…



    hi there!!!! I would love to make kimchi but i´ve been trying to find the napa cabbage, but there´s not available here in my hometown. What should i use instead of this kind of cabbage?? there´s a type of cabbage used commonly here but it doesn´t resemble at all to the napa´s one! Help!!!



    Make kimchi with regular cabbage!



    thanks Maangnchi!!!! i´ll give a try!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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