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      So I made my first batch of kimchi. It was kinda a big moment for the “white girl” in a korean family to do…haha. My mother in law doesnt use any recipes so it was hard for me to duplicate what she does. Thanks to Maangchi! i was able to make my own for my husband-kinda.

      So heres the issue. I used regular flour because i couldnt find the sweet flour in Hmart. Iused exactly what the recipe called for but i taste alot of flour in my kimchi. I know to use less next time but i cant stand throwing out kimchi.

      Is there a fix for this?

      Any help is appreciated! :0)

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      Maybe because you use flour?

      you use Wheat Flour?

      if you cannot find sweet flour you can use glutinous rice flour or Rice Flour….

      If you use Wheat Flour I think it’ll be “floury” (ahahaha) taste…

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      Yes. I used all purpose flour. But i thought Maangchi mentioned that it could be subsituted.

      Is there a way i can fix the kimchi ive already made?

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      you cannot substitute it with all purpose flour….

      next time try to use rice flour or glutinous rice flour…

      the result will be as same as you use sweet rice….

      about fix ing…

      I think it cannot be fixed…


      maybe you can wash it off and salt it again a little, and make a new sauce…

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      The only thing I can think of is once the kimchi ripen, make kimchi pancakes. I hope something works out….next time ask for sweet rice flour at hmart, they definitely have it. BTW 2 thumbs up for trying =]

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      Thanks Serena- Its deff. edible but does havea bit floury taste.Ill be using it as a addition in banchan. I was thinking of making the buchujeon with verrrrry little flour! haha

      After speaking with my Mother in law- she mentioned that she does using all purpose flour but just enough to make it into a paste (a tablespoon or so).

      Thanks for the help



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      using plain flour is fine. my grandma and my mom have used this if rice flour wasn’t available.

      forgive me if i’m wrong but i’m pretty sure the flour is a thickening agent so that the sauce doesn’t just drip to the bottom of the bottle/jar/container.

      also, have you ever made kimchi wtihout flour? its really water so the flour makes it look more presentable.

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      that’s right….

      flour is just an thickening agent here…

      I usually made my kimchi using fresh hot pepper and I didn’t use the flour porridge….

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