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    Since Maangchi ssi posted so many different kimchi recipes, it makes me wonder if perhaps we can mix and match different ingredients with different paste. My question is does anyone know which kimchi paste go well with chives, green onion and radish leaves? I tried using yeolmu kimchi paste for my radish leaves. It was quite tasty specially when used in doenjang jigae.

    I want to know which paste would go best with chives, since I I grow it myself and always got too much chives on my hand. I also often by too much green onion to finish quickly. It’s ashame to let it go to waste going dry in my fridge or make haemul pajeon too often. Any ideas? I saw in lots of those traveling and eating show that there are green onion and chive kimchi.





    Hi Ima,

    In my opinion, I think the kimchi paste from either the cucumber kimchi or perilla leaf kimchi would be good for a green onion and chive kimchi.

    My reason is because those onion and chive are relatively mild in flavor like cucumber and delicate like perilla leaves so the pat used for those kimchis might work.

    Before we started cooking Korean, our green onions would go bad in the fridge. Now we never seem to have enough! ^^

    Good luck! I’m interested to hear how it turns out!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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