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      the entree…kimchi rice (at one restaurant in San Gabriel CA USA served with egg on top) does anyone know what the korean name/title for the dish is please, thanks much!


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      Oh, THAT San Gabriel, CA USA restaurant?? USA right?

      Are you 9?

      Bibimbop is a very common rice dish that is topped off with an egg, most often favored by non-koreans. It’s comfort food that easily translates across palates. It has many ingredients, but no kimchi.

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      Hey Jordan!

      If it is kimchi fried rice, then it sounds like the dish you are describing is kimchi bokkumbap.

      However, if it is just white short grain rice with many ingredients, such as fried egg, carrot, mountain fern, spinach, meat, then it’s what Ron Paul mentioned, bibimbap.

      The best part of both dishes – they are served with a fried egg! YUM!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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