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      I really want to make kimchi but I recently discovered that I have a shellfish allergy. I really like kimchi with that kind of fishy flavor so I was wondering if there is a substitute that would give me something similar. Maybe salted or dried anchovies?

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      That’s easy: just use fermented fish sauce instead, Korean, Thai (nam pla) or Vietnamese (nước mắm).
      But use only about half the amount compared to saeujeot because they are much stronger.
      Or you use some good soy sauce and some kelp or other seaweed, dried and soaked or very fresh and pure.

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      Thank you for the alternative suggestion. I was also curious about this:

      “KOREA Frmented Sauce 17.6oz (Salted Shrimp Sauce)”

      It says its 83% fermented shrimp stock. Other ingredients include salt and anchovy fish sauce. And the seller says it can be used to make kimchi. How much do you think you would use compared to actual saeujeot?

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