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    My sister has had them twice now and has told me they are delicious. I would love for Maangchi to show me how to make them!



    ok, kimchi mandu is included in the list of my upcoming video recipes. Thank you!



    Hi AliciaMarie,

    I followed Maangchi’s mandu recipe, cut the amount of buchu to about a third. I diced up about 3 cups of kimchi and squeezed the juice out with cheesecloth. I mixed the kimchi with the rest of the ingredients. It was pretty tasty.



    Thanks Joanna! That sounds like something I will try, but my sis told me there’s a special way they make the ones she had. Maybe Maangchi has something similar to it. BUT for the meantime I will do what you suggested!! :)



    Hi, Alicia Marie-

    When Koreans make mandu at home everyone makes very differently because you can put just about any vegetables you want in there. I’ve never had same thing twice. Kimchi mandu is nothing more than adding some kimchi to whatever the mandu you make. If your sister had kimchi mandu that was made some special way that probably means it’s the way that person makes it and it’ll be pretty hard to find out from someone else beside that person.

    What was special about it? Can you describe? Maybe some one can give you some pointers.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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