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    Hi all,

    So, I tried the baechu kimchi/radish kimchi recipe for the first time. (I’ve made baechu kimchi before but never using the rice flour paste method.) It’s been fermenting for about two days and, overall, it’s pretty tasty but it isn’t salty enough for me.

    I’m pretty sure I added enough salt because a) I tasted it after each of the three salt rinsing steps and it was definitely salty. b) It is fermenting.

    So… my questions is what did I do wrong? Did I rinse too thoroughly when I did the three rinses? Do you think it’s ok if I dump it out and mix it with some salt?

    Help! I have a huge batch of really delicious looking kimchi and I want to make it work. (Although if it’s a lost cause… I’m not exactly sad to have an excuse to go to the new H-Mart that opened near me!)



    Yes, add some salt to your kimchi now. No problem!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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