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    Hello everybody!.

    I’m going to make kimchi this week, but salt thing is worrying me now. I’ve always used table salt for everything, the powder iodized salt to eat with every meal. I was going to use it for kimchi until I’ve read that salt used for kimchi must be kosher salt or sea salt. I doubt I could get sea salt or kosher salt in my city, so what could I do?.

    I’m wanting to make a very healthy kimchi with good bacteria, but I’ve heard that iodized salt could impede good bacteria to grow and that it could also cause mold.

    Another thing, using non-iodized salt wouldn’t be bad for health?. As salt requires iodine to work well and not cause goitre?.

    A curious fact, once I made sauerkraut (europpean fermented cabbage) with table salt and I remember some cabbage getting a bit black, I’ve read now that iodized salt could have been the reason to this. I don’t want another bad experience with fermented meals!.

    Has anyone used iodized salt / table salt for kimchi?. Would I mess my kimchi if I added iodized salt for the salting process?. Please help me! :-)

    Greetings from Ecuador!.



    Hello there….I asked this question earlier and was told that its fine to use iodized salt, many people here have done so with no problems.

    The only thing I will say is that you should make sure that the cabbage gets throughly rinsed. You will probably have to rinse it more than three times. Just taste the cabbage before you add your paste and make sure it doesn’t taste too salty.



    Thank you!. Maangchi has just told me the same :-) So happy because I can’t get sea salt or kosher salt in my city.

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