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    I’ve noticed something from watching so many of Maangchi’s videos: her knife cuts like a dream! I tried making bulgogi, but my knife was so poorly sharpened that I couldn’t properly cut through the meat, and it ended up being chunky and dry. Does anyone know how she keeps her knife so sharp, or have any good suggestions for how I could fix the problem? Thanks!

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    Thank you for your compliment on my cutting skill. I always use a sharpener.
    I just took a photo of my sharpener for you. : )

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    I’m a bit too much of a knife geek to be commenting here really, but I recommend getting a decent knife and a waterstone and learning how to sharpen from youtube videos like the company Japanese Knife Imports does. You’ll really surprise yourself with how much difference a very good knife makes. Also make sure you aren’t using to rough of a cutting board – glass, stone and hard bamboo will dull your knives terribly.

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