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      Has anyone had this?

      I can’t imagine it being that great. I would think the taco wrap would numb the korean flavors (unlike the lightness of the lettuce wrap).

      Still, I’d definitely give it a try. I see Korean food popping up in mainstream a lot recently in random things.

      There was a commercial with Charlie Sheen where he asks Jordan to go out together for Korean BBQ. Recently, ESPN was on and I heard Stuart Scott suggest getting Korean BBQ before a game, and as a result the cohost used Kimchi as a segway to the next segment.

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      That’s funny, I was just having this same conversation today. There’s no way this would be very good. Or at least, not good "Korean food."

      This truck is all over the media, I think it’s the whole Twitter angle that fascinates reporters. And the Kogi guys themselves say half the experience is the fact that you’re waiting in line so long with a bunch of strangers.

      It’s the same as any other line, of course, except you read about it on Twitter.

      I mean, check this out:


      In line so long for that little $4 quesedilla! It’s hard to believe.

      Maybe someone from LA can check this out and report back?


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      I am very interested in this, and would love to try it. I think it is great that Korean food is evolving LA style. Not that I want to lose real Korean food.

      Korean food has a long history of adapting. Mandu is adapted from the Mongols, the chili pepper is fairly new to Korean Cuisine. With the introduction of Spam during the Korean War we now have Pudae Jjige.

      I love the idea of a Kalbi, Bulgogi or spicy pork taco and will have to try to make some. As to the Kimchi Quesadilla I am not sure about cheese with Kimchi, but then again there is Kimchi pizza.

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      This place is great! There is one of these trucks coming to NYC as well.

      I wouldn’t really call it “Korean food” or even “Mexican food,” it is more of Korean–excuse the cliche late 1990s term–“fusion” food, sort of like momofuku ssam in New York. It is very, very good. Definitely some of the best tacos in LA, which is really saying something.

      If you want to get authentic Korean food or Mexican food, I wouldn’t go here. It doesn’t claim to be authentic and they are trying something new.

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      There is now a Kogi Taco truck in Portland OR. It was inspired by the LA crew



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      It must be good since people wait in line for hours just to get it. They also use twitter so that people can find out where they’re going.

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      It’s not quite Korean and it’s not quite mexican. I live right near the Venice stop they like to go to and go get something new everytime. It’s basically Mexican food with Korean meats. After having most of hte menu I’d say the Tacos are great, but I wouldn’t make a trip out for the burritos (Way too salty) or the quesadillas.

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      I think it is fun watching new Korean restaurants pop-up on the scene. It says a lot that so many other people are trying to duplicate what Kogi has started. I think they are showing how versatile Korean food can be.

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