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      Hi everyone.

      I love the recipes here, I cook from them all the time as they are simple yet delicious and authentic!

      In so doing, my interest in Korean cooking has now grown to the point I’m looking for a sort of “encyclopaedia” of Korean cuisine. – I was particularly inspired after watching the Korean drama Immortal Classic 불후의 명작!

      I’m not hoping to find one written in English, so Korean will be fine – will keep me busy translating and improve my very basic knowledge of Korean!

      Specifically, I’m looking for a beautifully illustrated book that provides background information on the different ingredients used in Korean cuisine and their health benefits and medicinal properties, which foods go well with which, seasonal ingredients and recipes, etc.

      I wonder if anyone out there can help.

      Thanks!! :)

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      I believe I have what you are looking for. It is called, interestingly enough, the Home Cooking Encyclopedia.

      It is over 700 pages, all in Korean and reads from right to left. I believe it was published in the late 60’s to early 70’s. Although I cannot read it, my niece took a look at it a few years ago and seemed to think it wasn’t so much a “recipe” book, as much as a guideline of which foods to use, and for what health reasons, what combinations were the most healthful and the like, although there are definitely recipes in there – I can tell because they have a list of ingredients with gram weights next to them.

      There are about 20 pages of glossy color photos at the beginning of the book in what seems to be an intro and table of contents, a few glossy black and white photos that seem to show presentation methods, and the recipe photos in the rest of the book appear to be poor, grainy black and white photos, almost like you would see in a newspaper. Asian publications from that time period were not always as pristine as western publications.

      Am including photos from the book – the last photo may be showing how to make tuen jang!

      If you are interested in the book let me know.

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      I don’t think it’s korean. It’s chinese. I can read just a few characters.

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      I imagine its possible, but I looked through the book and there are a few recipes that have western names in parentheses – and I recognized some words in Korean – like for cucumber and potato. However, I am not well versed in Korean, so I may be wrong.

      However, I do also know that Chinese characters are sometimes used in formal applications.

      I just looked at a color photo in the front, and it is clearly marked Bulkogi in Hangul.

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      thanks, I’ll look into it :)

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      You misunderstand – If you are interested I can sell you the book – make me an offer. Possibly send me the translations – lets negotiate!

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