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      Hi Everyone! I’m new in here and pretty new to making korean dishes but I’ve always loved asian food. I live in Argentina so it’s a bit more difficult to find all of the ingredients, and I usually make everything from scratch (if I can). I recently made Kimchi and also Tteokbokki. It came out great! Made the fish cakes and tteok from scratch (even the rice flour since it definitely does not exist here).

      I’m really looking into making fish cake soup, but I haven’t been able to find a recipe for homemade “flat” fish cakes. You know the ones that they skewer and add to soup. I obviously can just make the recipe with regular fish cakes but I really want to try the flatter ones. Anyone has any idea where I can find a recipe? Or maybe you can help me pin point the step by step.

      Thank you!! Including my own Tteokbokki below :)

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