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    Hi maangchi and all your fans, my name is Cristina, currently living in london. I am a big fan of maangchi’s korean cooking :) I love trying different kind of foods, and korean food is one of them. So here are 2 of korean groceries in the UK, london.

    There is one called Seoul Plaza 4, located at

    136 Golders Green Road,London,NW11 8HB,Tel 020 8731 7999,Tube Golders Green.

    Also one called Hanna Supermarket

    41 Store Street, London, WC1E 7DB,Tel 020 7636 4118,Tube Tottenham Court Road,Goodge Street

    ( I went to this shop today to get ingredients for making kimchi and spicy rice cake, surprisingly prices are quite expensive, the one in golders green is so much cheaper, i think because hanna supermarket is located more towards city and thats why its more expensive. So i got most of my ingredients and i will try to make kimchi this weekend.

    Hope this info will help you maangchi and all your fan :)






    I appreciate your information. I believe people in London England who are interested in Korean cooking will appreciate it, too.



    You can also try for the ‘Koreantown’ in New Malden in London. I’ve personally never been but I hear thats where many of the Koreans living in the UK are, and there will be many items there, most probably the cheapest too.



    Your very welcome maangchi, i hope it will be very useful for people that live in the UK, london.

    And thank you neogeo1990, i will definitely check out new malden, i am very curious about new place so i will most definitely check it out.





    To shop online in the UK, perhaps try: http://www.waiyeehong.com/

    They seem to carry more korean foods than ther japanese online shops. (Lots of other oriental countries as well, very interesting!

    They deliver by parcelforce and if you spend £25, there is a set charge of £4.50, which seemed reasonable. (But they don’t do those nice plastic wrappers for korean suchi!)

    regards from edella in worthing, UK




    The supermarket is very good.



    Hi i’m new here and this is very helpful as i’m from the outskirts of london and wanted to know where to get ingredients . So thanks everyone! Kamsahamnida ( *_*)



    Hi. I live in Hull. Can’t find the ingredient for rice cake anywhere nearby. ㅜ.ㅜ Should’ve bought some when I visited London not long ago. >.< 도와 주세요..

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