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    Hi! I’ve been attempting Kimchi this week. The best thing I thought I could use was cayenne pepper.. NO! Even a small amount is unbareably HOT!

    I am looking on HMART.COM and there are two different brands of very comparable size but a huge price difference. Can someone look at both of these links and tell me if they are the same thing and if the cheaper one will work for kimchi?

    chongga Hot red pepper powder(mild)-500g at http://www.hmart.com/shopnow/shopnow_newsub.asp?p=8801024223008 for $21.99


    Tae Kyung Red Pepper Powder – 1 LBS at http://www.hmart.com/shopnow/shopnow_newsub.asp?p=8809061673831 for only $5.99.

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    The first one is from a famous (or maybe well-known) kimchi brand, making it a bit pricier.

    The second one is from a not-well-known-to-public-manufacturer, but is a subsidiary of Nongshim; one of the biggest food manufacturers in Korea, famous for their Ramyun(ramen).

    The two seem to be quite ok.

    At least both say they are for kimchi making

    the choice is yours….

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    I’ve ordered both and actually ended up throwing the Tae Kyung one away. My mother recommended it because apparently the name reflects a region of Korea prized for its chili powder, however I was looking for one with a lot of spice and it was a sad disappointment. The other brand listed, I really like. I got the hot version, and it lives up to the hype. Very, very hot and a little goes a long way. Plus, I like that the texture is a bit more fine than the other as I don’t like chomping down on flattened pieces of waxy pepper skin.

    Recently my mother got me some homemade peppers, which are amazing, but I still use the one listed as chonnga because I really enjoy it.

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    thank you both for the responses.. it’s helped me decide which to get :)

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