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    Happy New Year!!

    Question for all of you in Tennessee (Nashville)… (or have been there before)

    I’m in Arizona and considering taking a job in Nashville Tennessee.

    I truly enjoy cooking and eating Korean food.

    I’m concerned about the availability of Korean restaurants

    and just as important, Korean/Asian stores/markets.

    Just wondering about the Korean/Asian presence there and/or any info on the area. This may not be a deal breaker. LOL However it would nice, to know that I can still get my fix and cooking supplies. :D

    Thank you,




    Hello Nashville Korean food lovers, please help Joey get some information about Korean restaurants and stores. I hope all you guys can make good friends through Korean food. : )



    I lived in Nashville for a few years and always went to K&S World Market on Nolensville Pike for my asian products. They have a pretty good selection of Korean, Chinese, etc. products there. There was also a tiny Korean market downtown with a small mom & pop sized restaurant next door to it on Charlotte Pike. However, it has been about 6 years since I was last there so I’m assuming a lot has changed. I know there were a lot of new places starting to pop up about the time I moved away so I’m guessing there’s a lot more that I’m not aware of. There was a pretty good Korean population when I was there, especially with the army base in Clarksville being only about an hour away from downtown.

    Hope this helps even a little :)



    Midori and Korea House

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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