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    Most Koreans, when they have their meals, they usually have soup. Soup is so popular in Korea and as so every where Koreans live. I wanted to get recipes of some other Korean soup that we love so much.

    1.Such as, "Hae Jang Guk with sunji in it" (Sobering Up Soup * sunji is blood jello) Koreans enjoy this soup very much. Some people might think this soup would be very nasty, but the taste is out of sight. If anyone had this with rice, they would be very surprised that why they never tried this. They do sell this soup in some Korean restaurants but not all. (Korean people love to drink alcohol as most of you people know. "Soju" Koreans eat this soup the day after they had too much to drink and to sober up. This soup does the trick to sober up.)

    2. "Sullung Tang", this is a bone soup that Koreans enjoy very much. This soup is very good for you, in such ways like it has alot of calcium and gives you energy. This soup is easy to make but I just don't know how to get the consistency of the liquid in this soup and how to get it to have that milky white soup color.

    Thanks, If you can Help!

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    Blood is one of the very very few things I refuse to eat, so sadly I wouldn’t be able to eat the first soup, but that bone soup does look delicious!

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