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    Hello all. Recently a friend of mine asked me a question I’ve been asking for years now too, so I no longer feel embarrassed to ask this…

    Is there a specific type of kimchi that uses only the leafy portions of the napa cabbage and not the thicker stem portions?

    Thank you!



    Hello Dan, the best answer is to find at Google search but so far I searched about kimchi, none of them are not to use both of the napa cabbage’s parts. For me, it’s a waste if someone use only the leafy part instead of using both of them. Do your friend loves to eat that part only? :)



    I’m sorry for the late reply! Yes, he loves kimchi but only the leafy part, not the firm part. I agree it would be wasteful to just throw away the rest of the cabbage but I’m sure he would find a use for it, probably in soup.



    What should I do if I do not have soy sauce or fish sauce? I’ve got everything already made. Can I do without it or should I mix it in when I get some in the morning?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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