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      Hello All!
      I have leftovers, like 2 cups worth, and was wondering what I could make!
      Other than fried rice, do you have any suggestions? ^^
      Thanks in advance!

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      Because I wasn’t getting the bubbly ferment I like but found in a store bought Kimchi, I mixed a fizzy store bought pint, with a cup leftover I made about a year ago stored in fridge because too sour very strong, mixed that with a fresh chopped salted cabbage more ginger and garlic,,hoping the store bought would make it all bubble.
      Your forum has answered some key points I haven’t paid attention to before about fermenting before storage, thanks.
      1. THE MORE SALT THE slower to ferment.
      2. the warmer the room temperature the faster the ferment yet softer the cabbage.
      3. both these factors change often.

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