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    Manngchi, you have been the secret weapon in my Korean cooking toolbox!

    I have had a well established love affair with Korean culture since I can remember. My first trip to Korea and I fell hard in love with the people, food, music, history, culture and language.

    I met and married a Korean man from 담양군, 전라남도 here in the US and needless to say I needed to learn how to prepare delicious and authentic Korean food fast! I found your videos years ago and they have been a lifesaver!

    The first time I prepared your 김치 recipe for my husband, he exclaimed that it was the best 김치 he had ever had here in the US! I was so excited (and a bit nervous) to show my new family my Korean cooking skills upon our first visit as a married couple to his hometown. His family couldn’t believe how tasty my Korean food was, and his Mother enjoyed showing me off and bragging to all of her friends…it was a little embarrassing but also so wonderful :)

    I am so grateful to you for the knowledge you have shared, I will forever be a fan! 파이팅! 잘 먹겠습니다, 대단히 감사합니다!!!^^

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