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      Hi! I’m Leta from Ontario, Canada! I’m only fourteen years old but I love to cook! My parents usually work late so I am in charge of cooking dinner most of the time. I have used many of the recipes in your book and also from your youtube channel. I love to experiment and add new things to your recipes. My favourite recipes of yours are bibimbap and gimbap. My family and friends love the food I make. Its always fun to see the looks on their faces when I’ve made something delicious! I make the gimbap for my lunches at school and my friends are always jealous of me. Thank you for helping me discover Korean flavours and cuisine. I’ll always support you 고맙습니다 잘 먹겠습니다!

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      Beautiful food. I started loving to cook young as well. Thanks to the web and people sharing, our opportunities to learn different cuisines is so broad.


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      Angel iris

      Ha ha ha very good ~
      Only 14 years old
      Fantastic ~
      I love kimbab too
      I really love maangchi ~
      Im Korean but i really want to meet her

      One day ~ i will go to LA and meet her lol

      Can i show mine ? He he
      I love to make kim bab

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      That looks great! I just made some gimbap last week. Now I wish I took a picture too… I’m still working on my rolling skills though :/ Great job and I hope you keep at it!

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      Angel iris

      show me next time then : )
      I think you can make kim bab really nice for future ~

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