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    Decided to make Kimchi and found these videos.

    Maangchi is fantastic! Thanks if you get this, Maangchi.

    Easy to understand, good food, like the music and that happy face :-D

    I substituted fermented shrimp paste for the fish sauce and oysters (that’s what I had). Probably a little more ginger. Had the flat chives but no green onions… I used thin slices of regular onions, about 6 of them… Oh and I cut the nappa into bite sized pieces and just mixed the paste in.

    I have a 15L fermenting crock and did about 6 large heads of Nappa Cabbage. I kept out 1 Qt and ate some for breakfast ;-D Stuff tastes great! Can’t wait to try it after it sits a while. Oh yes I used culture starter for fermenting veggies. Probably did not need it but it adds a variety of healthy flora.

    Thanks again, Maangchi. Can’t wait to try something else.




    6 heads of napa cabbage is huge amount of kimchi!

    Thank you for updating your successful kimchi making!



    Thank you, Maangchi. I hope you stay happy in all of your life, it is infectious and does the world as much good as food (maybe more):-D

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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