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    Please give some help here. I bought yeoul moo, looked nice, small, very fresh. I made kimchi, and mul kimchi with it. The mul was wonderful, but the radish, and the leaves were so fibrous, and chewy, that it was impossible to swallow. Like when my children were babies and they would chew a piece of meat, and it gets bigger and bigger!

    Is there a way to pick good yeoul moo, or did I just get a bad batch? Do they get less tough as they get older?

    I am sure other people have had this problem. I have been around the block a few times and I can usually pick good produce, but I am at a loss here.

    Thank you for any help!



    Your explanation about the tough yeolmu (young summer radish) is funny! The yeolmu is not anymore young! “Do they get less tough as they get older?” The answer is “Opposite” Yeolmu gets tougher as it get older. : )

    Before buying it, break one stem of yeolmu. If it’s broken easily, that means it’s young.

    Usually when the stems are long, they’re tough.

    It sounds like it’s not yeolmu season in your area these days. They’re not young anymore.



    Thank you for your quick response. I am from the same general area as you, and purchased the yeolmu outside of Philadelphia about two – three weeks ago.

    They were very small, about the size of a three year old child’s finger. Tiny. But I guess it might be better in Spring. Oh well!

    The length of the stems is good to know. I wonder if all the rain, and little sun made them more fibrous? And next time I will break one – as long as no one is watching!

    Thank you – and good luck with your new show!

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