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      Here is compiled a list of Maangchi’s habits, likes, and dislikes that I came to know while watching Maangchi’s videos.


      1. Maangchi always says “put it this in a ______ (bowl, pot, etc).”

      2. Maangchi loves sesame oil – she likes to put it in almost everything so she has to clear it up sometimes for recipes that don’t require sesame oil. She always has her sesame oil in a yellow mustard bottle which makes a squeezy sound every time she squeezes. Most of the time she says “last touch, sesame oil!” whenever she uses it!

      3. She loves to use 3 Crabs fish sauce in every recipe. She thinks its the best fish sauce there is and it makes everything taste good! (it’s true!)

      4. Maangchi loves to use phrases like “yummy yummy boong boong” or “booya” “:)” in her videos like when the dough rises in the hoddeok video.

      5. Maangchi always uses “Sugar in the Raw” – she thinks the box looks very interesting and is thus very tasty and natural.

      6. Sometimes when blending things or watching things cook, Maangchi looks so serious she always comments about it in her video.

      7. Maangchi loves to caption sounds made by cooking or eating Korean style. All her sounds are “Korean” in nature. For example, when slicing meat for Yukhoe, she writes “susuk, susuk.” When eating candied sweet potatos, she writes “keurug keurug”

      8. Maangchi pronounces vinegar “venegar.” :D

      9. Maangchi loves to cool down pots or certain foods quickly by placing them in her metal bowl which is full of water. This can be seen in her broccoli pickle video,

      10. Maangchi always cooks Gyeranmalyee in every video she makes a lunch box. For example, ojingeochae-muchim or broccoli pickle video. :P

      11. She always says “that’s it” in an effort to make the cooking process seem easy and simple. :)

      12. Maangchi loves crunchy and crispy foods. From Maejakgwa, Pottetto, to Tangsuyuk and grilled mackerel, she likes to say “you hear the crunchy sound?” whenever she tastes her food.

      13. Maangchi loves to give life to her food ingredients, especially when she tortures them. Her grilled mackerel fish talks “OMG Maangchi! You made me very flat!” or her dough in hoddeok is “abused” by maangchi. Her mung bean jelly says “Hey Maangchi, don’t poke me!,” and she stashes extra hoddeok dough into the “dough’s stomach.”

      14. Maangchi loves to have a bottle of cold, refreshing beer on a hot summer night to eat with her food. She also loves to say cheers!

      15. Maangchi loves to garnish/decorate dishes with in the following ways. 1. Sprinkle sesame seeds on top – spinach side dish, sauteed sea plant, shredded squid side dish. Black sesame seeds are used if ingredient color is bright. For example – pan fried tofu side dish. 2. Red chili pepper flowers – she tops dishes off with a flower made with sliced red chili peppers – collard green side dish, egg side dish, etc. 3. Decorate the dish with some type of leaf on top or on the side – radish side dish, stir fried pork side dish, mung bean jelly side dish, etc.


      1. Maangchi doesn’t like the name seaweed so she chooses to use the term seaplant instead.

      2. She doesn’t like burning her non-stick fry pan because it is something she treasures most! She doesn’t let anyone else use her non-stick fry pan! Oh No!

      This list is far from complete but hope members can help fill in the missing info! This is purely for fun and for the love of Maangchi – my hero! :P

      Enjoy! :D

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      That’s right! All you say about my habitual words or behavior are true. No wonder you are a smart Berkeley student! : )

      Thank you very much for your time to write this. It’s huge Christmas gift for me from you!

      I’m adding some updates (I know you know them already but I’m writing this for fun!)

      sesame oil bottle: yes, one day I found the mustard bottle made of plastic was perfect to keep sesame oil. These days I use a squeeze bottle

      3 crab fish sauce: It’s delicious. I use it as soup soy sauce because the flavor and the taste is very similar to very well fermented Korean soup soy sauce. Some people say, “how come you don’t use Korean fish sauce?” My answer: “ne ne (yes, yes)I sometimes use Korean fish sauce in kimchi but for soup, the 3 crab fish sauce really gives delicious taste. My mother, her friends, my sisters in Los Angeles are using the fish sauce.” BTW,I have nothing to do with the company. : )

      Alex, do you remember what you said when I left a comment on my FB wall that I would leave for Minnesota to do Korean cooking demonstration? Everybody gave me good wish, and you said, “smile a lot, maangchi!” Actually when I did my cooking demo, I changed my looking of face a couple of times and thought about your advice!

      I love my readers and I consider them my close friends.

      Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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      That is great! Those are all of the things that make us love Maangchi. Very cute. A couple more to add is that Maangchi loves to taste her food when it’s very very hot but always says it’s “deeelicious.” Happy holidays to everyone!!

      크리스마스 축하해요.

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      Han Su Rii

      i like it when maangchi says ” Chop…Chop…Chop whenever she’s chopping somethg. and i like the sound of her chopping things. sounds very skillful and experts.

      one thg tht i already memorized, whenever she introduces new dishes in video…she’l say…”today…” ;)

      when she finishes it right b4 she ‘bye-bye’…”ok. see u next time…”


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      Maangchi loves hair fashion! I always look forward to her videos to see what decor she’s wearing. I love her quirkiness,

      Favorite quotes: “Sesame Oil!” and (sound effect) “cheee”

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      Maangchi loves hair fashion! I always look forward to her videos to see what decor she’s wearing. I love her quirkiness,

      Favorite quotes: “Sesame Oil!” and (sound effect) “cheee”

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      More Habits:

      1. She says “Sesame seeds, Roasted sesame seeds” hehe :)

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      1. When she mixes stuff, she says “mix mix revolution!”

      2. When some thing tastes good, she says “mmm delicious!”

      3. When something smells good, she always comments on its delicious aroma.


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      John in Baton Rouge

      I love how cute she is when she says “HI EVERYBODEEEEE!” at the beginning of her videos and that enthusiastic, “SEE YOU NEXT TIIIIME!” at the end. Here’s a funny story. I watched tons and tons of Maangchi videos, one after the other, when I was first learning to cook Korean food. The computer is in the same room as the t.v. and often times my roomate will be watching t.v. while I am on the computer. He has no idea who Maangchi is, but if he happens to walk into the kitchen and finds me in the middle of a making some good Korean food, like dicing a big Korean radish for kimchi or something, he’ll scream out, “HI EVERYBODEEEEEE!” and he can imitate Maangchi perfectly! LMAO! We always get a good laugh out of that…

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      When I watch her videos, I always end up saying “Bye Maangchi!” after she says “See you next time! Bye!” :)

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