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      I made kimchi twice and both times it was not sour. I used Mangchi’s easy kimchi recipe and her traditional kimchi recipe. I think I didn’t have the fish sauce and fermented shrimp but I did have most of the other ingredients. It looked good but after two or three days it was still not sour to put in the fridge. I ended up throwing it all out. I am wondering what I did wrong that it did not turn sour or should I have waited longer. Your experience making kimchi the first or second time would be great to hear.

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      Hello karenaj,
      I’m sorry to read that you had to throw it out.
      I’m not an expert but maybe you should have been a bit more patient, the sourness is a question of personal taste.
      Personally I don’t really like fresh kimchi but I love sour kimchi so I only can start eating a new batch of kimchi at least 1 week after I made it… and even 1 week after it only begins to taste sour according me.
      Fermentation is the first step, sourness will appear gradually.
      It is an other problem if your kimchi doesn’t start its fermentation. As Maangchi said,if you see bubbles when you press the kimchi it’s ok !
      Fish sauce and fermented shrimps give a flavour and maybe accelerate the fermentation but you can do without it. If I’m not wrong, the main ingredient for fermentation is sugar (the good bacteria needs sugar at first).
      The container can also be a source of problem if it’s not airtight enough.
      Last point, unless you have a very sensitive skin, try to make kimchi whith your bare hands. When I make kimchi I feel like it helps to bring it to life (just my opinion, not a statement :))
      I hope the third time you make kimchi will be ok!

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      Upgrade: tonight I ate a portion of kimchi made 5 weeks ago… Now it’s at its perfect balance. between fresh and sour. At that point, sourness is going to be more and more present… so, be patient if you like the sour taste

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      K Foodaddict

      Hi karenaj,

      As i made my kimchi (2 pounds) based on maangchi’s recipe and it turns out perfectly.I let it ferment in room temperature for 2 days (28 degrees) and keep checking the bubbles in the kimchi. I think you need more time on fermentation before placing it in the refridgerator. Fish sauce and salted shrimp are just giving the kimchi more flavourful than using salt. So, it’s ok to go without it. Just try to make small portion and keep trying until you get your perfect taste.

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      Fermentation time is very dependent on the temperature of the kimchi. Maybe try leaving it to sit in a different place in your house and seeing if it ferments faster there.

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      Hallo, es stimmt die Temperatur spielt eine grosse Rolle Also habt Geduld es lohnt sich 👍😁

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