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    Hi Maangchi :). Thank you for sharing all these wonderful recipes, I love to make delicious Korean food at home with them! The only problem I have, since I’m a Westerner (and no on ever taught me to cook, I’m self-teaching now that I’m an adult) and have never actually been to a Korean restaurant I’m having trouble figuring out which dishes to put together to make a meal. I know rice is the main part of the meal and there’s always a soup but I’m never sure which banchan go together. Would you be able to include a note in each side/main dish recipe listing what dishes you would put together with it for a meal? It would really help me to serve authentic Korean meals to my family. I’m sure individual taste is a big part of putting a meal together but I was hoping for some guidelines until I really get used to Korean cooking.

    If it’s too much work don’t worry about it :). Thanks again for all the great recipes!





    Hi Sara:

    About the banchans, in Korea each restaurant has fixed banchans and it doesn’t depend on what you order, they give the same to every table so I wouldn’t worry much about the banchans to choose for your meal. It can be a copious quantity… or just kimchi and yellow radish, since these two side dishes are the basic ones every restaurant offers in Korea. They always give you rice, that can be white but many times is mixed with other grains like barley, beans or millet. You can buy mixes in the Korean shops. And they always give you a watery soup. I’ve seen mainly two soups. One is just water and some type of stock and the other one is seaweed soup but some generous restaurant give small doenjang jjiggae as banchan too. If you make rice, a watery soup, banchans you prefer and a main dish you will get a whole Korean meal like the one in the restaurants.

    I hope this helps a bit.

    See ya, Min

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